Legislative Council Building

A beautiful old structure in the midst of many contemporary buildings, the Legislative Council Building adds an old-fashioned touch to the Central area.

About the Legco Building

Legislative Council Building, Central, Hong Kong

Legislative Council Building

Legislative Council Building at night, Hong Kong

Legco Building at night

The handsome neo-classical-style Legislative Council Building – nicknamed Legco – is the current home of Hong Kong’s Legislative Council, but from its opening until 1985, it was the meeting place for the Supreme Court of Hong Kong.

Designed by British architect Sir Aston Webb, Legco was completed in 1912. Aston’s esteemed reputation deemed him the right person for designing this grand building. Before building Legco, he was responsible for the design of the eastern facade of Buckingham Palace as well as a portion of the Victoria and Albert Museum, both in London.

Known by long-time residents as the Former Supreme Court Building, the Legislative Council Building is a two-story structure, fashioned from granite and boasting Ionic columns.

Arched corridor at the Legco Building in Hong Kong


Because of its former role, the building is topped by a statue of “Justice”, represented by the Greek goddess Themis. She stands above the main entrance.

The exterior of the Legislative Council Building is one of Hong Kong’s “declared monuments”. It’s especially impressive when lit up during the evening hours and when the trees around Legco twinkle during Christmas time.

No tours are available of the inside, but at times, meetings of the Legislative Council Building are open to the general public. If you can slip in during that time, you’ll be able to admire the equally-impressive interior of Legco.

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