Granville Island

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Granville Island is a small peninsula connected to downtown Vancouver via the Granville Street Bridge. Once an industrial area with sawmills and steel factories, it is now a popular area, boasting a large public market as well as many galleries and shops.


Granville Island, Vancouver
Granville Island
Public market, Granville Island, Vancouver
Public market

The area had been used for heavy industry since 1917 and became a ship building center during the Second World War. Since the sixties, the terrain was hardly used, and the site was totally run-down.

A couple of business-men started to redevelop the area in the beginnings of the 1970s and with the help of the federal government, they tuned into a multi-use facility, including industry, commerce and entertainment. Most of the renovation of the industrial buildings was finished by the end of the 1970s; the area is now a nice place to walk through.


The whole island includes several theaters, a huge marketplace, numerous galleries and shops. It also contains a ‘Kids only Market’, with many shops geared towards the younger. Other attractions you find on the island include an indoor play station and a Water Park with movable water cannons. You can also get a tour of the Granville Island Brewery, a well-known cottage brewer. But the best way to get the feel of Granville Island is to stroll through its renovated streets.

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