Hockey Hall of Fame

Canada’s favorite sport is celebrated in the Hockey Hall of Fame. The world’s most comprehensive collection of hockey memorabilia, including the Stanley Cup trophy, is on display here. Hockey Hall of Fame The Hall of Fame is partly housed in …

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Music Garden

Inspired by the notes of a cello piece by Johann Sebastian Bach, Toronto’s Music Garden provides a great venue for intimate concerts and a lovely place to relax and enjoy the beauty of the waterfront. Building a Garden of Music …

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Old City Hall

The third of Toronto’s City Halls, the building now known as Old City Hall is a spectacular showcase of fine architecture and a tribute to the city’s rich history. Building the Third City Hall Old City Hall City Hall clock …

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Underground City

Beneath the streets of the bustling city of Toronto is an underground world full of stores, restaurants, and other amenities that allow locals and visitors to shop, browse, dine, or just explore, without ever having to brave the outdoor elements. …


Underground City

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Queen’s Park

Home to the Ontario Legislative building, Queen’s Park is a pretty green oasis located in the center of sprawling Toronto. The park is dotted with tens of statues and memorials. Features of the Park King Edward VII statue Queen’s Park …

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