Bridges of Paris

A walk along the banks of the Seine river is one of the most pleasant ways to discover Paris. The many bridges you’ll pass not only look elegant or romantic, they often have a long and interesting history. Below is …

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Museums in Paris

Few cities can match the variety and sheer amount of museums that Paris has to offer. From small quirky museums to the huge and world-famous Louvre Museum, there’s plenty to choose from. Below a sample of some of the most …

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Churches in Paris

For many centuries, Paris has been a stronghold of the catholic church. As a result a large number of monumental churches were built in the city, from the 12th century Notre-Dame to the late 19th century Sacré-Coeur. During the revolution …

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Fountains in Paris

Few cities can boast as many beautiful and spectacular fountains as Paris. There are several hundred fountains in Paris proper and there are an additional fifty at the Versailles Palace and yet more in the banlieues of Paris. Below a …

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